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Pro Wrestler News is the number one resource for following the news in the world of pro-wrestling. Whether you’re looking for news about the latest fights, or you’re interested in the development of some storylines, Pro Wrestler News is the website that will give you what you need.

Professional Wrestling History

At its best, professional wrestling is often considered to be a performance art. The flamboyancy of modern professional wrestling and the combination of athleticism and showmanship can be traced back to 19th century France when promoters used to hype the events by giving the wrestlers interesting or terrifying descriptions.

The wrestling technique used today owes much to catch wrestling, developed in the second half of the 19th century in Britain, and commonly used as an attraction at fairs. Wrestling stayed a feature of popular entertainment in the early 20th century when it became obvious that having a legitimate wrestling match is less appealing to an audience than having a match with a dose of showmanship. This came with a backlash from those who questioned the authenticity of matches that are based on showmanship. Professional wrestling became big in the United States thanks to the formation of the National Wrestling Alliance, and later thanks to the advent of television.



WWE is the world’s biggest pro wrestling promotion. It was founded in 1952 by Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon, who names the promotion Capitol Wrestling Corporation. The promotion spent its early years as a part of the National Wrestling Association, until breaking off in 1963 and founding the World Wide Wresting Federation. They kept the name until the late ’70s when they shortened it to World Wrestling Federation. Under that name, the promotion saw its golden age in the ’80s and early ’90s, and they kept the name until they lost the trademark rights to the World Wildlife Fund.

Non-WWE Promotions

If you’re a Pro Wrestler News fan who follows only WWE, you’re doing a disservice to yourself. No matter how good the fights and the storylines in WWE get, you still need to at least check out what the competition is doing – and it’s generating a lot of pro wrestling news.

Lucha Underground, for example, is a promotion that has its drama television series that airs on El Rey Network, and will soon be available through Netflix. The promotion draws on Mexico’s Lucha libre style of wrestling, and the show is very well filmed and edited.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling, or NJPW, is the world’s second largest promotion. In the United States, events organized by NJPW can be seen on ASX TV, and through the promotion’s streaming service. American audiences shouldn’t expect to see a Japanese version of WWE, however – NJPW has its own style that’s all about the fights.

TNA Wrestling, or Impact Wrestling as it’s now known, is one of the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the United States. Impact had a bumpy ride from an underground promotion to the big leagues, and the drama of the promotion itself was often featured in pro wrestling news. Still, they seem to be getting their act together, and it could be exciting to see what they do next.