Greg "The Hammer" Valentine on The Ric Flair Show!

Check out this Greg "The Hammer" Valentine on The Ric Flair Show! video.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine on The Ric Flair Show!

Recorded : Aug 17, 2016

Today’s episode is brought to you by Enter promo code: FLAIR and get 20% off your order! Mid Atlantic rivals and good friends Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Ric Flair reunite to catch up and talk stories from the road and more. WOOOOO!

Greg Valentine – greg valentine wwwf championship msg 1979.
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Von erich defends the nwa missouri state title against greg valentine on a card that saw ric flair and bruiser brody go to a 60 minute broadway.

Roddy piper vs greg valentine us heavyweight title match valentine injures piper’s ear 1983.

Greg valentine in a grudge match that took place on 7/21/79 from the philadelphia spectrum.

Greg valentine vs roddy piper – nwa starrcade 1983 – dog collar match.

Rugged ronnie garvin vs greg valentine superstars april 29th, 1989.

Bret hart vs greg valentine wrestling challenge nov 13th, 1988.

Roddy piper wants to give greg valentine a present…

Greg valentine wwwf championship msg 1979.

Greg valentine on the 20/20 expose and dr.

Ric flair greg valentine us title match.

Greg valentine vs wahoo mcdaniel part 2.

Greg valentine – missouri state title.

Greg valentine vs rob conway, 10/21/05.

Greg valentine vs ricky steamboat 6/85.

Honky tonk man on greg valentine.

Greg valentine/tito santana…

Lanny poffo on greg valentine.

Greg valentine- 7/21/79.

Ric Flair – the best of ric flair.
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When ric flair is asked if charlotte will walk away with the wwe women’s title at extreme rules where he’ll be banned from ringside the nature boy gives an answer his daughter doesn’t expect.

4 1999 – arguably the two biggest names in sports-entertainment hulk hogan & ric flair join forces in a rare occurance to battle sting & lex luger.

The vigilante sting’s longtime rival two-time wwe hall of famer ric flair tries to talk some sense into triple h…

Ric flair challenges hollywood hulk hogan to the championship cage match that ended in his 14th world title reign!

Ric flair was treated for a cut on his hand at logan international airport in boston wednesday morning …

Ric flair admits he has doubts about charlotte’s chances at extreme rules: may 11, 2016.

With over 1000 episodes of raw hulk hogan and ric flair faced each other only once.

I thought this was a very funny promo between jay lethal and ric flair.

"nature boy" ric flair: the definitive collection documentary.

Ric flair warns triple h about sting: raw, february 16, 2015.

Full-length match – nitro – hulk hogan & ric flair vs.

Best promos – ric flair makes them pay the price…

Best promos – ric flair "$600 dollar lizard shoes".

Ric flair farewell address 1/4 [read description].

Ric flair bizarre behavior at boston airport.

"nature boy" ric flair returns – raw 11/2001.

Ric flair was the man from the old school.

Ric flair (farewell) (undertaker & mr.

Jay lethal and ric flair funny promo.

Ric flair – wwe championship match.

Jay lethal’s tribute to ric flair.

Ric flair the best rivalry ever?

Goldberg vs ric flair wwe.

Ric flair – golden spoon.

Nature boy ric flair.

The best of ric flair.

Ric flair- slick ric.

Ric flair interview.

Of business, TNA fail to compete with WWE and WWE’s ratings slump year by year By Hot Vidz 2016-05-06 Vince Russo (TV Writer),Ric Flair (TV Personality).

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