WWE Scott Hall's Murder Case Study!

Check out this WWE Scott Hall's Murder Case Study! video.

WWE Scott Hall's Murder Case Study!

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Hall, also known as Razor Ramon, has had some well-documented trouble with drugs and alcohol. But one piece of information is revealed in ESPN’s piece that, up until now, has been largely unknown: he killed a guy.

Yep. As Hall revealed to ESPN’s crew, he was charged with second degree murder in 1983, but the charges were dismissed due to a lack of evidence. You would figure he’d be a little tight-lipped about the incident, considering the fact that he got off relatively unscathed.

Nope! At some point during ESPN’s piece, whether it’s when he’s counting all of the medications he has to take to keep his heart from exploding (11), or when he tells you about that time he tried to drink himself to death but didn’t remember writing a suicide note (he did), you realize that Scott Hall is way past the point of holding anything back.

We’ll let him tell it from here. Of course, it was over a girl.

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