Top Ten Tallest Pro Wrestlers Ever!

Check out this Top Ten Tallest Pro Wrestlers Ever! video.

Top Ten Tallest Pro Wrestlers Ever!

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This video has a list of the tallest wrestlers of all time.

Can we make a video of the Top 10 Largest and Tallest Wrestlers Ever?

This has 1.5 million views.

Giant Gonzalez = 7’7″ (Billed at 8′)
Paul Bunya = 7’6″ (Billed at 8’6)
Silo Sam = 7’3 (Billed at 7’5)
Raja Lion = 7’2 (Billed at 7’5″)
Great Khali = 7’2″
Andre the Giant = 7’2″ (Billed at 7’4″)
Kurt “Gargantua” Zehi = 7’2″ (Billed at 8’4″)
Giant Silva = 7’1″
Ron Reis (Yeti) = 7’1″
The Big Show = 6’11” (Billed at 7′)

Khali’s first ever tv interview (part1) / UbiqTV

Giant Gonzales vs Rey Mysterio / DanielakaDee

Paul Bunyan (Max Palmer) vs. Man Mountain Montana / Andre The Giant

Rare Kurt Zehe (Gargantau) / Bubba Damit

Giant Silva vs Akebono / Valdemar Junior

Matt Denton Vs THE YETI | WWE All Stars / ViciousPrism

WWE Superstar (The Big Show) in Coney Island / adizzle615

World’s Greatest Wrestler – Raja Lion! / Blackened Justice

Tallest Wrestler Ever? Eight Foot Tall – Rare Gargantua Wrestling Footage (8’4″) / – WWE, TNA, Indy Pro Wrestling

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