Morgan Aste, World’s Largest Bodybuilder!

Check out this Morgan Aste, World’s Largest Bodybuilder! video.

Morgan Aste, World's Largest Bodybuilder!

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A native of Lyon, France, Aste participated in several sports before he even started lifting weights, including soccer, handball, judo, boxing, and Muay Thai.

“I noticed I had better physical abilities than the other boys, and I was constantly asked if I was lifting weights, so I started lifting when I was 16 years old,” says Aste. “My strength gains were spectacular, and when I was 20 years old I competed in my first bodybuilding contest to see how I was doing compared with the other guys.”

At age 20, Aste weighed 195 pounds and started working out with trainer René Même, the creator of the MACS 7 training method. Même has been Aste’s personal trainer ever since.

“MACS 7 is based on the interaction between various modes of muscular contractions and different training techniques,” Aste says. “It allows for short muscle-building sessions without overloading the skeletal system.”

After competing in a few more bodybuilding competitions in his 20s, Aste made the switch to strongman to make a statement that bodybuilders could hold their own in strength sports.

“I convinced myself that a lot of people were considering bodybuilding a sport for getting big muscles, but without strength,” Aste says. “I wanted to compete with the strongmen to prove that bodybuilders were powerful and able to lift very heavy weight.”

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